About us, our vocation

Connecting everyone willing to build the future of crafts : people who are passionate of knowledge, whether they are customers, amateurs, prescribers or makers.

Because Mayaro tells about the hands, the gesture and the innovation, Mayaro could only come to life in a physical space.

In a discreet street, few yards from the Invalides, there is a place, conceived as a house, on three floors: an art gallery, a workshop, a collection of materials, a private living room and dining room, these are the different spaces which compose this place.


Nicolas Floquet

At the beginning

Before Mayaro, there was… Nicolas Floquet, one of those men whose curiosity and lust for life leads them on the path to constant discovery. Nicolas puts everything into his business plans in consultancy or in his many adventures working closely with people, artisans and craftsmanship. His taste for fine dining has led him to work with Sven Chartier and Ewen Le Moigne at Saturne, the Clown Bar and Vinisat.

Break with the luxury of the old world and offer a reinvented vision based on high standards
and freedom from convention.
Bring together the most talented artisans - and the most rebellious.

Nicolas joined forces with Eloïse Gilles and Antoine Bourdon, bringing to life their project dedicated to a love of beauty…
Captains of the Mayaro project, they like to tell stories.
They believe that the artists with whom they work are visionaries first and makers second.
They have taken their place among them and have learned to speak their language.
They share the dream of Nicolas Floquet, overseeing the interaction between creativity and craftsmanship to produce exceptional objects.


Eloïse Gilles

expertise in brand heritage…

Drawing on an expertise in brand heritage and a pronounced taste for rare crafts, Eloïse relaunched a two-hundred-year-old Parisian fan-makers house called Duvelleroy, in collaboration with Raphaëlle de Panafieu.


Antoine Bourdon

passionate about new adventures…

Engineer by training and passionate about new adventures, Antoine Bourdon created the cabinetmaking workshop IOTA Element in 2013 with two childhood friends, Julien Roqueplan et Claude Hordé. A subtle marriage between the legacy of craftsmanship and high technology integration.