Frédérique Lamagnère

june 15th 2018 - september 15th 2018



After an initial experience in the textile industry in New York, she set up on her own as an independent artist in Paris in 1996. In March 2015, she exhibited her designs in Amsterdam at the “Vive la France” exhibition. The designer has also been called on regularly to create unique weaves and pieces by the studios of fashion houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Burberry. For the first time in June, Frédérique Lamagnère presents her creations as an artist. An exclusive show at Mayaro.



This artist’s mastery of different weaving techniques means that she works with all materials in her Paris studio. Through her craft she follows in the footsteps of great textile artists like Anni Albers or Sheila Hicks. Her Brittany origins, has fed into her sensitivity to light and the changing colours of landscapes influenced by the sea. From her father she inherited a taste for fine art. Perhaps it is her mother, a dentist, who gave her a gift for extreme manual precision or her daughter, the beautiful sunbeam, is a muse of femininity.

For Frédérique Lamagnère, plans for the work are already part of the material. Everything begins with a reflection, a sparkle, a texture. Plastic is cut into strips, organza and leather are cut into ribbons, all with mathematical precision. The framework is ready, the horizon is there.

Once the horizontal strips have been prepared, work begins on making the warp, into which all types of weft is introduced: audio cassette tape, laces, fishing line. Rain and sun, vertical rays. The artist transforms all materials, irrespective of their source, with pure intuition about the textile partition that is to be produced: what emerges is a fleeting emotion, a humour, an enlightened feeling, a mental landscape. The cloud hovering over the earth. The memory of a flower. A hymn to joy in the colour of stained glass. Her work is light emerging from material. With a sort of self-evidence, or even urgency. Brutal art, springing up in a delicate, delightful form.