Janaïna Milheiro, l’étoffe des plumes

November 14th 2018 - January 13th 2019



Textile designer, Janaïna Milheiro is specialized in the creation and the realization of feather textile. She turns them into improbable embroidery and flying laces. Born in 1985 in Brazil, graduated from the prestigious art school Duperré and the National School of Industrial Design in France, Janaïna discovered feathers during a school project, in 2011. Since then, all her works covers this material. In her Parisian workshop, Janaïna Milheiro imagines and creates on request textiles and feathers pieces for the luxury sector. Surrounded by craftsmen and designers, she develops her own technics to offer a personal and innovative vision of feathers. Since 2011, she gives answers to the passion of collectors, to the projects of interior designers as well as the requests of houses such as Guerlain, Hermès, Valentino, Cartier, Baccarat …

Her experimental approach of the feather technics got her several rewards like « the Prize for the Creation » of the city of Paris in 2014, in the category of confirmed arts and crafts. Her activity was supported in particular by the Fondation pour la Vocation, « les Ateliers de Paris », « la ville de Paris » and « la Fondation Banque Populaire ».



Janaïna Milheiro soon developed her own stylistic mode of creation, which she calls fabric-feather, a way of combining lightness. After having studied the creation of embroideries, weaving, laces…she introduces from the textile world some techniques which she converts and adapts. That’s how she discovers some framework devices to articulate her feathers. In her studio in Paris, she works out drawings by hand and by computer. She and her team master the technical meticulous drawings as well as the manual work of fabric, leather, plastic, metal combined with cut feathers. Her creations are made out of henhouse birds feathers coloured or bleached.

Using her very own techniques of sewing together or cutting, Janaïna Milheiro creates some new sights with feather: lace, silk, flocking, gluing. One forgets the bird to see the appearance of motives, networks, rhythms… By transforming the feather into a flexible or a structured area, she creates a textile story within this material. In her way of assembling, she tries to create lightness and transparency: a breathing. The exhibition highlights several types of her work: sculptures, joints, panels, tapestries.