Jérôme Gelès, O.V.N.I.

september 24th 2018 - october 31th 2018



Visual artist fascinated by the famous inventors, Jérôme Gelès is interested in the making of beauty since his childhood. In his parents’ garage, his discoveries lead him on the path of fantasy, with a great many toasts’ catapults and paper planes.

With a diploma from the National School of Beaux-Arts of Paris passed in 2011, he develops his own artistic language after a training in the workshops of Tadashi Kawamata and Anne Rochette. Close to the kinetic art of the Dutch Theo Jansen, he gives life to a world where jubilation joins cleverness. He creates a poetry of movement though out flying sculptures.

Following his stay in Africa and his training at the School of Arts in Kumassi in Ghana, he takes interest in the everyday objects, in jointing and recovery. These objects remind us of our childhood: cocktail umbrella, old television set, tin of sardines. Towards his figurines made out of relics of familiar daily objects, the artist inquires our relation towards modernity by offering a critical vision of the consumer society.



On one side, the dream of the space conquest: one gets carried away by his colossal although extremely light sculptures, made out of paper, of light wood, and of meticulousness, floating in the air, translucent. Some balloons taking off, sustentations with a jellyfish transparency moved by radial fans, an object outsmarting gravity thanks to magnetic levitation…everything in order to tell the story of Icarus, the huge dream racing in the blood of Da Vinci to Elon Musk, not forgetting the Wright brothers: flying through the art of human engineering. Movement is due to a mobile phone vibrator and a tooth brush. Vibrations get the tooth brush bristles to move on the ground.

On the other side of the mirror, the depths of the earth are explored, in the basement one is carried away in a battle with jointed beings which cast shadows. The installation “the tooth brushes” made out of mobiles sculptures all fixed onto tooth brushes, features hybrid and patched beings, engaged in various choreographies. We are half way through the human world and a purely mechanic world. Sculptures are made out of second-hand objects, a cocktail umbrella, a Romanian note, ink cartridges, a plastic lemon. All of them attached to a mobile phone vibrator and moving forward on a ring shape table, thanks to an Electromagnetic induction energy invented by Tesla. Every one of them hides a small interior lamp. One can guess through the shapes and shadows casted a raft of refugees next to a flower petals dancer, a makeshift raft and a tank, in a life fight.