Maxime Perrolle

 July 4th - October 5th 2019



Maxime Perrolle is passionate about wood, amorous of trees, searching for means to unfold the paradox which defines them: deeply rooted in the soil, they seek to reach out the sky.

The giants of the forest have always fascinated the artist. At the age of 15, during the Journées des Métiers d’Arts, he visits the cabinetmaking studio of a former student of the École Boulle: the first step of his wood-based career. Maxime Perrolle decides to study cabinetmaking, but it is only a few years later that he discovers his future, accompanying his brother to one of his friends, who is a woodturner.

In 2016, he begins a specialised course at the École Escoulen, prestigious temple of woodturning. Today settled in a collaborative studio in Ivry-sur-Seine, Maxime Perrolle turned away from utilitarian objects and cabinetmaking in order to dedicate himself entirely to woodturning and wood sculpture. His approach merges traditional techniques and contemporary reflexion to revive the stump and remind the deepest spirit of its origin, the tree.



Maxime Perrolle is a sculptor who expresses himself through woodturning, and whose artistic work explores the relationship between wood and its essence. The serenity which emerges from this witness to the lapse of time fascinates him. He studied cabinetmaking, then turned towards the arts of woodturning for more direct and intimate contact with the material which becomes essential for him.

His work combines the untamed and primitive dimension of Pre-Columbian art with lightness and fragility which recall the delicateness of Japanese art. Maxime Perrolle follows obsessively wood veins and their lifelines: the research of the equilibrium which transcends the material into pray. The artist observes the play of textures and transforms the tree stumps into fossilised foliage, volcanic rocks, or mineral bodies. The sculptures and the volume of solid wood remain balanced by a delicate contact point with the ground. Like ballet dancers moving on their toes, they seem to leap into the air.

From the tree stumps to the sculpture, this exhibition delves into the relationship between volume and lightness. Searching for simplicity and finesse, Maxime Perrolle plays with the laws of gravity and the mass of wood in order to create aerial pieces, ready to split the air.