MAYARO creates custom-made objects and furniture by combining the savoir-faire of craftsmen with the eye of designers who are sensitive to the handmade. For more information or to order: contact@mayaro.fr

Wall lamp Gradium


The Gradium wall lamp is the result of the collaboration between the designer Grégoire Floquet and the Paelis workshop created by Manon Bouvier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Gradium combines the traditional savoir-faire of straw marquetry with 3D creation techniques.


© V. Ganakova



Obazine Bookcase, Mayaro Edition, Laurent Jaffrennou

Obazine bookcase

Designed by Laurent Jaffrennou, Obazine is a modular construction made of folded metal and wood, punctuated by arches to stage curiosities and appreciate the works of art and culture chosen by everyone.

The steel elements were worked by the Dunod Mallier ironwork shop, and the oak shelves were made by the IOTA Element woodworking shop.

© A. Julia

Bar-nacelle, éditions Mayaro, prix jeune création PAD 2019

Bar Nacelle

This custom-made desk and bar is hand-woven by a master basket-maker specialized in making hot-air balloons, guided by the design of the two designers Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania di Petrillo. It can be used as a counter by day and transforms into a bar by night. A versatile piece of furniture, perfect for an outdoor poolhouse or an interior design piece, it invites us to an imaginary flight. The Nacelle Bar was awarded at PAD Paris (Young Designer Prize) , 2019.

© M. Bernos

Saturne Table

Made in collaboration with the IOTA Element woodworking shop, the Saturn table was designed with a removable wooden ring used as an extension to seat up to 10 people. This wooden ring can become a decorative piece when hung on the wall when the table is set for four.

© S. Leprovost

Suspended bookcase 

A true window between the dining room and kitchen. Made in collaboration with the IOTA Element woodworking shop, the wooden bookcase is suspended from a rope with steel pulleys and counterweights that allow for a smooth opening and closing with a simple hand gesture. It is designed to hide or reveal a connection between two rooms, a dining room and a kitchen for example.

© Mayaro

Inverted basket chandelier

The Reversed Basket is made of chestnut wood, by a specialized cabinetmaker. The signature of this object comes from the bark that transports us into the forest of trees from which it comes. The shape of the lamp, interpreted as an inverted basket, associated with its soothing light, invites us to remain under its protective influence.

© Mayaro

Workshop table

Inspired by the jeweler's work table, characterized by the semi-circular footprint, the Atelier Table is perfect as a workshop or meeting table. The edges are covered with leather to add a touch of softness to the table.

© Mayaro

Diamond Lamp

This lamp can be hung on the floor or placed on a table, like a sculpture. It is made from diamond-shaped molded bricks, originally designed by Swiss engineer Gustave Falconnier in the 19th century to build glass walls. Each brick is encircled by a leather band made by a master sheath maker. The light emitted by the irregular glass can be dimmed or intensified.

© Mayaro

The Whisperer

This unusual item is made by a company specializing in musical instruments and hunting horns. It is a perfect conversation piece, very decorative when hung on a wall like a bow, very fun when you want to whisper secrets to a guest at your table.

© Mayaro

The alcohol trunk

The ultimate case for your best bottles to travel safely! It was designed and built by the IOTA Element woodworking shop. Space for 8 stemware and 8 33cl cups, integration of a refrigerated cellar and adaptation of the interior design on request. 220V outlets integrated on the top.

© S. Leprovost

Folding screen 2

Since 1996, fabric designer Frédérique Lamagnère has been creating the most extraordinary hand-woven fabrics in Paris. Her intuitive approach to color and sequence creates an ultra-delicate universe of raffia, scoubidou and leather.

© V. Ganakova