Invisible Collection in residency at Mayaro Gallery

A one-year residency, until 2024,
at 20 Rue Amélie, 75007 Paris.

                                                                                   ® Rize

Mayaro Gallery and Invisible Collection, the platform dedicated to furniture and decorative objects, are pleased to announce the opening of Invisible Collection Rive Gauche in Paris. By inaugurating a one year residency just a few steps away from the Champ de Mars, the brand reconnects with the Parisian and French roots of its founders and the vast majority of the decorators and workshops represented.

Located at 20 rue Amélie, Mayaro Gallery has been bringing traditional art crafts to life in modernity since 2015. A hidden gem that attracts the curious and aesthetes, rue Amélie is not stumbled upon by chance. It is through their journeys as entrepreneurs that Eloise Gilles and Nicolas Floquet from Mayaro and Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays from Invisible Collection met and have been supporting each other for years. The opening of Invisible Collection Rive Gauche was a very special moment for the brand, which shares with Mayaro an artistic culture and artisanal values.

This residency within Mayaro Gallery provides Invisible Collection with a platform to offer a different point of view and a distinctly Parisian curation. By presenting their creations and showcasing them worldwide, Invisible Collection supports young talents and decoration stars.

With a scenography by the Garcé & Dimofski studio, the gallery presents a curation of furniture and objects from the prominent names of Invisible Collection on three levels. The scenography by Olivier Garcé and Clio Dimofski draws on their respective experiences in architecture and their friendships developed over the years. Notably, Charlotte Taylor, a renowned London-based interior designer for her digital creations around avant-garde immaterial spaces that blur the boundaries between a real world and an imaginary world, Garance Vallée, a prominent figure in the design world who embodies creative youth with eclectic and open-minded approach, and Minjae Kim, a Korean artist-designer who has emerged as one of the most prominent creators in the United States, reinterpreting traditional Korean materials and techniques to create sculpted wooden and resin furniture. This is also the first time the gallery platform will blend vintage and contemporary furniture in an organic way.