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Iris de Moüy

Iris de Moüy, painter and illustrator artist


Iris de Moüy is an artist who lives and works in Paris.

She draws, paints, writes.

She expresses herself through personal publications, children's books, exhibitions but also through collaborations with prestigious companies. Her drawings have been exhibited in Paris and Kyoto, where she was in residency at Villa Kujoyama in 2015.

Iris de Moüy, Strange loops, Mayaro 2021/21

Exhibition at Galerie Mayaro

Boucles étranges, November-January 2020/21

To a falsely offhand appearance, several figures perform repetitive movements with the regularity of a metronome.

A galloping horse, a growing plant, a woman spinning round set us in strange loops.

The exhibition combines different media : painting, print and video.

The exhibition comes with : Boucles étranges, folioscope a publication of 150 numbered copies.

Past exhibition

2016 Petite conne, 0fr Gallery, Paris . 2015 Ghosts Tales At The Museum, International Manga Museum, Kyoto

Public orders

2019 Horses Are Blue, Chose Commune 2017 Night Tales,0fr editions . 2016 Some Girls Dance,0fr editions