Ulysse Lacoste

Ulysse Lacoste, metal sculptor artist


Fascinated by science, Ulysse explores the themes of balance, gravitation and movement.

He graduated from ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres and since 2002 has been developing his own know-how in metal, combining the ancestral skills of forging and brassware with contemporary and industrial techniques.

The result is simple forms born of geometric games, mobiles with a point of balance that is constantly lost and found again, stabiles in tension where all forces cancel each other out. .

A sculpture of interactions, accessible and alive.

Today he collaborates with several science and technology museums (Musée des arts et métiers, Palais de la découverte, IHP, Exploradôme,...), creates apparatus and scenography for the circus world, exhibits monumental sculptures and carries out performances in the public space.

Sensitive to the nuances of their environment, Ulysses' sculptures seek synthesis, are interested in abstraction, and speak of simplicity.

Metallica exhibition Ulysse Lacoste / Morgane Baroghel-Crucq, Mayaro 2020

Exhibition at Mayaro Gallery

Metallica, dialogue around the metal, February-March 2020

Without going so far as to clash, this exhibition could have been called confrontation.

For the two approaches of the artists whose works are presented at Mayaro are radically different, even though they share a common thread: metal.

Morgane Baroghel Crucq is a textile designer. She has chosen metal as her ideal, for its ability to conduct light and capture the changing reflections of the atmosphere. Her work is an invitation to contemplation, her creations, both eventful and orderly, are like a mental landscape. One loses oneself in the thread of a chosen sinuosity, to arrive at a state of harmony.

For a long time, Ulysse Lacoste hesitated between arts and sciences. One day, in the workshop metal Olivier deSerres metal workshop, he understood that the technique of copperware would allow him to link the two.

Thus the metal becomes his medium, which allows him to explore the interaction man/materials, dynamics/forms. His work is a physical manifestation that reveals mathematical thought.

Medium or ideal, the metal has this in common for the two artists that it is a material of expression of predilection, chosen for its physical properties, its way of printing the gestures of the hand and the body.


2017 Winner of the Hermès corporate foundation, academy of know-how #3 2015 Winner of the Ateliers d'Art de France competition, Burgundy region . 2013 Prize for monumental sculpture, biennial event of contemporary sculpture in Nolay . 2012 Winner of the young talents prize, General Council of Côte d'Or . 2007 Collectif Lemplume, supported by the Défi Jeune and the Crédit Mutuel foundation . 2002 Winner of the Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation for Vocation . 2002 Diplôme des Métiers d’Art, atelier métal ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres, 75).

Past exhibition

2019 Salon Revelations, Grand Palais, Paris 08 / Abstract Project Gallery, Paris 11 / Intaglio, Semur en Auxois . 2018 Seikado Gallery, Kyoto / From the hands of masters, Luxembourg / Carré sur Seine Galeries, Boulogne / Palais de la Découverte, Paris 08 / Abstract Project Gallery, Paris 11 / Sculpture tour, Evreux / Life on Earth, National Domaine of St Cloud . 2017 Salon Revelations, Grand Palais, Paris 08 / Museum Night at Arts and Crafts Museum, Paris 03 / EkiArt Collection, Ekimetrics, Paris O8 / ARCADE, Ste Colombe Castel / Monthelon Castel, Montréal / Biennial event for contemporary sculpture Nolay . 2016 Museum of Arts and Crafts, Paris 03 / Collection Galerie, AAF, Paris 04 / Art in Motion, Beyrouth / JEMA duke's palace, Dijon / A pas contés Festival, Dijon. 2015 l’Atelier, d’Ateliers d’art de France, Paris 12 / JEMA Chamber of Commerce, Dijon / Cahors June Garden Festival / The Salt Loft, Avallon / Rabotage Festival, Semur en Auxois . 2014 Faramine Scene, Vezelay . 2013 JEMA / Biennial event for contemporary sculpture Nolay / ARCADE, 2012-2002 JEMA / ARCADE, Ste Colombe Castel Wind Festival of Calvi / Contemporary Art Meetings / Direct Art Festival / Festival of Curiosities of Ambert / ENSAAMA, Paris 15 / Dream City Festival of Montbéliard / Market-fair of the Odeon, Paris 06 / An.Girard Gallery, Paris 14 / En Vis-à-vis, Neuilly sur Seine / Galerie Lazoukine, Deauville