Mayaro is a House dedicated to craftmen and their innovations. 

It gathers a collective of independant talents, seeking for excellence and renewal, uniting their expertise on interior design projects as well as in the making of exceptionnal objects and materials. 

Located 20, rue Amélie in Paris, Mayaro hosts an art gallery, a material library, an exceptional table and spaces to work and exchange. 


The Lab


Located in the basement, the Lab is where we have hidden the treasure of Mayaro.

Only accessible on appointment, it’s the place where you can discover surprising technics and materials, carefully listed and gathered in a single collection.

The listening, the sharing and the curiosity are at the centre of this creative melting pot, where each host of the House will be delighted to meet you and committed to each of your inspired projects.

IOTA Element

The Family


They are the soul of this place, its characters, its spirit.

The craftsmen, the artists and the entrepreneurs at the centre of Mayaro share the same values and the same demanding vision of creation and the process of excellency.
At the same time, they are the rebellious, the freebooters who do not hesitate to break the codes, each in their field of work, in order to push further the boundaries of their profession. Together, they explore new paths of creation, integrating simultaneously their expertise and their desire for innovation.


Maleville - Laurent Legoupil & Victor Gazzola
Cabinetmaking & Millwork

Atelier Lefort - Romain Lefort
Ornemental painting

Chaudrolux – François Homo
Metal work

Bois Antique – Christophe Daubignard
Reclaimed wood

P&L Studio - Natacha Pons et Cyrielle Leclère
Textile sculpture & Embroidery

Aurasens – Olivier Zeller
Immersive lounger

Dunod Mallier - Mehdi Mallier
Ornemental Ironsmiths

Atelier Saint Didier – Caroline Pregermain
Stained glass

Ulgador - Gabor Ulveczki
Creation of decorative objects with metallic leaf

Nicolas Pinon
Japanese lacquer

IOTA Element - Antoine Bourdon

Theoriz - David Alexandre Chanel
Creative studio Art & Technology

ALM Déco – Mireille Herbst
Lacquer – Varnish – Gold plating

Paelis – Manon Bouvier
Straw marquetry

Gauthier & Compagnie - Aurore Lebon
High End French Poles & Blinds

You Art Deco - Yves Uzan

Maison Lumière – Christian et Simon Broggini
Light designer

Spoon - Jérôme Monceaux
Artificial creatures

The House


The House has several spaces dedicated to exchanges and unique experiences.

In these private and particular places gather craftsmen, artists, visitors, amateurs or professionals, craftmanship adventurers and entrepreneurs. Some of them want to share moments around a common passion, to be surprised by unexpected encounters, and others come to wonder at the incredible story of a material, an object or an expertise. All of that around a delicious meal.